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Early Childhood Center

The Poplar Bluff Early Childhood Center is a nationally recognized program that focuses on strengthening the young child’s social, emotional, physical, and mental development.

Three and four year-old children voluntarily attend a half-day program, five days a week. The center is funded through the Title I program. The program is designed to help students prepare for kindergarten. We identify and serve the students with the most need first. The Early Childhood Center also includes a parent education component with opportunities for parents and families to become involved with their childís education.

The Early Childhood Special Education Program serves children that are three to five years old with special needs. They receive individualized instruction and therapies to address developmental delays and other special needs.

The Parents As Teachers Program (P.A.T.)  coordinates with the Early Childhood staff by offering parent education activities and by providing programs to maximize brain development for children from birth to 5 years old. For more information, please call (573) 785-6477.

Early Childhood Center
573-785-6803, FAX 573-785-2827
1235 North Main Street
Poplar Bluff, MO 63901-4955

JoAnne Westbrook, Principal
Parents As Teachers 573-785-6477

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