January 28, 2015, Posted by 5th and 6th Grade Center in 5th & 6th Grade Center,

Math-A-Thon: Great Fun for a Great Cause at the 5th-6th Grade Center

It’s St. Jude Math-A-Thon time!  Students at the 5th-6th Grade Center are completing math packets for pledges to raise money for St. Jude hospital.  Other fundraising events for the next two weeks include raffles, a pie toss, kissing of a mule and teachers happily wearing jeans. (more…)

November 13, 2012, Posted by 5th and 6th Grade Center in 5th & 6th Grade Center,

5th-6th Center to Wrap Gifts December 15 to Benefit St. Jude

Are you tired of gift wrapping?  Struggling with finding time to gift wrap?  Stop by the Poplar Bluff 5th and 6th Grade Center on Saturday, December 15, and we will take care of all your holiday wrapping. (more…)

January 3, 2012, Posted by oneal in O'Neal Elementary,

O’Neal Completes EFG Fundraiser

O’Neal Elementary has recently wrapped the district-wide EFG fundraiser and the results were phenomenal. We have 57 students who qualified to take a limousine ride to Godfather’s Pizza. Permission slips will be sent out soon for those that qualified. (more…)

November 16, 2011, Posted by pbjhs in Junior High School,

PBJHS Joins District in Raising Money for UCAN

This year Poplar Bluff schools sold T-shirts to raise money to fight cancer. Due to a huge amount of support and the commitment of many, Poplar Bluff schools were able to raise $2,213 for the UCAN organization. (more…)

June 18, 2010, Posted by webmaster in Academic Assistance,

Academic Assistance Group

Academic Assistance Group (AAG) is a board made up of PBHS alumni, parents, and Poplar Bluff citizens who are dedicated to promoting academic excellence. AAG Funds mini grants for high school teachers and sponsors such programs as college night, college rap session, and academic letters. (more…)